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For the marketing department of a Black beauty brand who's business isn't reaching their full potential on social media and digital marketing platforms. KailaMEDIA is the marketing consultancy that delivers strategies and direction to improve SEO, grow customer bases, and implement sustainable marketing practices for the brand. 



Black female owned businesses in particular will show up authentically and consistently on digital marketing platforms.


The Full Story

About Kaila

My name is Kaila Jacquelynn Morris.
My entrepreneurial spirit has burned bright my whole life.
I got my start making marketing materials and presentations for my grandma's life coaching business as soon as I could read & write. 
I ended up graduating from Temple University with a B. of A. in Journalism with a minor in french in three years. 
I worked in the strategic communications department at Temple, in newsrooms, advertising departments, different firms and lots of local businesses over time. 
It wasn't until I was at a role in Manhattan, NY where I felt the limiting grip of prejudice many people like me grapple with
Thankfully, my enterprising soul gave life to KailaMEDIA with which opportunities are limitless. 
I expand the visibility of Black beauty, health and holistic wellness in mainstream social media.
I take my time putting thought, effort and good energy into growing every project that I take on. 
I have a distinct ability to convert the ideas of myself and others into sales- social Media and digital marketing are the playgrounds on which I explore my talents. 
I've been doing copywriting and marketing for organizations, over the past decade. From small, local businesses to international institutions.
My personal interests are spiritual alignment, entertainment culture and budget luxury travel. 
I hope to help your business reach its social media & digital marketing goals. Use the contact page to get started.

My Resumé 

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