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5 Marketing Terms You'll wish you knew Sooner

Tired of your social media and online marketing ideas falling flat? Post on Instagram, Tik Tok, blog they said. You'll get a lot more business they said.

Does it seem like all it amounts to for you is more work?

KailaMEDIA is here to help as a digital marketing and social media consultantcy. I've coached dozens of business owners through navigating professional marketing without taking over accounts. Instead I'm empowering founders with information to reverse negative business outcomes.

These are the five marketing terms that have made Black female entrepreneurs say, "Wow! I wish I knew this when I started out, and I see how it can help me grow now."

1. CTA- Call to Action

Write one, write many polite, cheeky demands to the viewer.

Examples include:

2. Geofencing- Tools on social media platforms using GPS or WiFi to create a virtual boundary and/or target a certain area.

My client, Cara, founder of Royal Inhairitence, came to me because she was reaching a lot of people on Instagram, but that's not from where the heads in her braiding chair said they found her.

After looking into her insights, it turns out most of her reach on Instagram was concentrated in Brazil. Cara braids in Maryland, so that's not gonna work.

So, we established a Single Platform Strategy plan to meet her business goals.

After months of using geotags and filters in more stories and posts on Instagram, Cara started noticing more people in her area could find her organically on social media.

3. Lookalike Audience- A group of people who share similar characteristics to your existing network making them more likely to respond to marketing efforts.

This one is all about reaching more of the right people. How?

Let's take Brownce for example. Designed to connect Black people with local hair stylists.

But guess what? People looking for a hair stylist probably also look to get their lashes, and nails done. Those people are the lookalike audience.

This launched Brownce into being "a leading on-demand beauty platform."

4. Retargeting- Ahh, the marketing technique of repeating yourself especially to people who will listen.

The goal is to encourage them to take further action. Literally remind them of your business.

Send specific content to people who already follow you, you've met before, or have recently visited your site.

5. UGC- User Generated Content Using anything created by customers to promote your brand.

Examples being:

  • A Tik Tok featuring a followers comment

  • Customer shoutout featuring a merch photo

  • The ultimate grand supreme of UGC is a ~ client review ~

Here are some other ways you can generate UGC:

There you have five little-known marketing terms. These words can have a huge impact on optimizing your marketing strategy, driving sales, and converting clients.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your business, my insider tips can help.

It's time to put these marketing terms into action and pump up your online performance.

Fill out the contact form on my side to get a FREE online marketing consultation with me.

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