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Understanding Instagram Analytics Could be the Secret to Going Viral

cracking the code of what's going on in your "Professional Dashboard" on Instagram could take your business to the next level. the difference between accounts that stall out and ones that keep growing is attention to data details.

it's time you pay attention to the analytics, the statistics that could help your brand go viral. from those elusive impressions and engagement rates to the reach that extends your influence, let's talk about what all those numbers mean.


you can see impressions in your "Professional Dashboard". go to your IG profile on your phone. you'll see a gray box stating how many accounts you've REACHED in the last 30 days (we'll get to that later).

to see impressions, you'll tap "Professional Dashboard" -> Insights, Accounts Reached -> below the circle graph you'll see impressions.

impressions tell us how many times your content was viewed.

sound confusing? take watching the above gif for example.

it's probably replayed about two dozen times, and you're one person viewing it.

impressions = 24, reach = 1

impressions/ frequency = reach


here's how Instagram defines reach-

how Instagram defines Accounts Reached

there's two ways to examine reach, and many ways of looking at it.

on a post-

right there in the white rectangle on the bottom of your post, above the like, comment, and share buttons it says "view insights!"

here the number is broken down in a true blue vs. light blue circle graph- where you hope your post has reached more non-followers who take an interest in your content and then become future clients.

typically, this is where people find that Reels are pushed to more non-followers and static or carousel posts do well with existing followers (unless you're leveraging the shit out of hashtags).

profile reach-

peep the "Professional Dashboard" again.

now we'll check out how many people have come across your content over a period of time (which can be change in the top right corner drop down).

YAY! the number of accounts reached is clearly visible, but guess what? there's more to know.

the real tea requires you to scroll down to "reached audience." here, you can find my favorite analytics that tell you the who, what, and where of the audience you're reaching. check out the top cities, age ranges, and gender of your audience.

shout out to my 25-34 year old Black female business owners in Phoenix, AZ! like what you see?

Top Performing Content-

well, while we're here in the "Professional Dashboard," under "Content You Shared", Instagram will sort your content from most to least accounts reached.

check out what posts got the highest reach. this can be of all your content, or see just Reels, stories, videos, and live videos.

this is a good place to take inventory of what content is successful.

do you tend to get a lot of reach posting silly nail experiences, weave maintenance tips, or is it your behind the scenes "get ready with me" content that goes viral for you??

Engagement Rate-

another way of determining the success rate of an account or post, is by the engagement rate.

engagement rate can be defined as the ratio of likes, comments, saves or shares over the total amount of followers you have.

so let's say an account has 100 followers (we love basic, easy math).

this account posts a cute lil carousel of the before an after of a full set acrylic service. this post get 8 likes. 8/100= 8%. this post has an engagement rate of 8%. let's say the same account posts a Reels that gets 65 likes. 65/100= 65% WOW !

according to Sehl and Tien on Hootsuite, "Most social media marketing experts agree that a good engagement rate is between 1% to 5% — but the more followers you have, the harder it is to achieve."

in actuality, Instagram promotes accounts with an engagement rate of 15% or higher.

how's that possible? DELETE GHOST FOLLOWERS! that finsta account of your cousin's is not going to help your engagement rate, nor is that wig spam account.

removing superfluous followers and spam comments is the most productive way to increase your engagement rate.

now that you can navigate and understand your "Professional Dashboard" on Instagram with ease, you should be doing it regularly. I mean on a once a month basis AT LEAST.

I had a client who braided hair in Maryland and rarely, if ever, looked at her analytics. when we started working together, it was one of the first things we did. after investigating her account reach, we saw that her most reached cities were in Brazil.

now what good does that do to a hair braider in Maryland, USA??

by checking her analytics and addressing this issue, by geotagging content in MD as much as possible, her business became more visible to potential local clients.

recognizing how your content is interacting with the algorithm, implementing change when necessary, and understanding Instagram analytics will set you up for success on Instagram.

and it could be what pushes your numbers into the millions.

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