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Intro to Social Media for Business 101

Nora Russel is a certified life coach who's developed a rehabilitation program based on music therapy & guided meditation treatments.

Nora comes to KailaMEDIA because she has a multicultural business and audience, but she struggles connecting with people online.

Kaila's media strategies help Black female owned business consistently & sustainably reach their online marketing goals .

There's a few things to consider when getting started growing your professional social media presence.

You may find yourself, like Nora, at the point in your entrepreneurship journey where you're considering what social media marketing looks like for your business.

Asking questions like:

What platform should I choose?

There are a few outlets enjoyed by digital marketers:

  1. Instagram: build brand authority on IG through photos and reels

  2. Blogging: macro- or micro- , blogging adds value and views to your website

  3. Email Newsletter: keep your brand top of mind & in your client's inbox

  4. Tik Tok: reach a younger audience by posting creative videos

One social network, or many, may be best for achieving your marketing goals.

Now the big question is:

What do I post?

That's a really big question. We could spend weeks determining the platform and goals suitable for your content.

There can be lots of marketing terms to know that can break this down further. We're going to keep it 101 in this post.


Visuals on screen (VOS) are a major component of posting engaging content on social media.

VOS can be still images, photos, graphics, videos or any combination of these.

Be sure the visual content you post is easy to see. In addition, your visuals should align with your branding in a way that is psychologically & socially gratifying.

Please note that the orientation, size and performance of your visual content depends on the platform on which it's posted.

Copywriting / Caption

What to say...what to say... this is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from my small business marketing clients.

There are three main components to converting words on a post into sales.

  1. Hook/lead: Grab the readers attention and don't let go

  2. Call to Action: Get the reader to do something like buy or share

  3. Feature, Advantage, Benefit (FAB): tell the reader why the product or service has value

In Nora's initial strategy meeting, she determines that an email newsletter is the marketing tool that she wants to optimize with Kaila.

When you have a single platform strategy you can plan, create and schedule posts in advance.

KailaMEDIA specializes in supporting you through the whole process with strategic services & detailed blog posts like this one.

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