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Nick Cline Profile

At 18, Nick Cline left home and attended Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania. He went to college close to home and had developed a close friendship with his roommate.

When Cline’s roommate returned to Arcadia’s campus after the end of a study abroad program, his relationship with his new friend changed. Cline was made to feel on the outside of this new, seemingly exclusive, social circle as his roommate bonded with these other friends in a way he and Cline never had.

“I felt like I had lost a friend I thought I was going to have for a long time,” Cline said

Tired of the ostracism, after the 2017-2018 school year, Cline decided to leave Arcadia and transfer to Temple University.

“That was definitely an experience which changed the game for me,” he said.

At 19, Nick Cline is doing his best to find happiness and success in his life despite being different from others.

Cline sits with the vertebrae of his spine stacked one on top of the other. His hands are folded in front of him only diverting from this position to emphasize the words which he chooses so carefully.

Unlike most men his age, Cline’s style is classic and polished. Jessica Palmer, 20 and friend of Cline’s from Arcadia University, describes his look saying “His style is awesome. It is vintage and very well coordinated. Classy. He always looks put together.”

His first semester at Temple was hectic. Cline commuted every day to class in Philadelphia from Willow Grove by the train, worked at a watch store called 10 After Time, and took on a second job fragrance modeling at Macy’s during the holidays.

“The people I was working with were kind of vicious,” Cline said with a chuckle referring to his Macy’s coworkers, “It was sort of a baptism by fire.”

Cline made it clear that his Macy’s coworkers made his work day difficult. He felt attacked for his sexuality, character, and demeanor on a daily basis.

With his time spread thin between his three major commitments, it was hard for the young, student to embrace his personal college experience and make new friends.

Not only was Cline juggling two jobs and a full course load, in October 2018 he was diagnosed with depression. It was his mother and grandmother who supported him most during this time.

“I love my children and my grandchildren. I would do anything for them!” said Mary Beth Sieminski, Cline’s grandmother age 72. She is a proud stay at home mother and grandmother.

Now in a new school environment and dealing with the reality of this mental illness Cline finds it hard to develop close relationships with his peers. Like most other people living with depression, Cline often finds himself lacking the energy and motivation to socialize which makes him feel worse.

“I think it’s also because of how different I am from people,” he said.

The self-proclaimed “old soul” acknowledges his uniqueness. While other college students headphones blast Cardi B or Ariana Grande into their eardrums, Cline’s bump funky disco beats or the soulful voice of George Michael.

Once again on the outside of a community, Cline is making the conscious decision to work on himself.

“The first thing I need to do is get help with my mental state,” he said with an affirming nod.

Cline is highly self aware and plans on a total self transformation. The stout man who says he’s always struggled with his weight has lost a lot of it and wants to continue. In order to combat the mental illness which rears its ugly head in every part of his life, Cline will start seeing a professional psychiatrist.

He is hopeful that he will get back to a good place in his life.

“I need to work on managing my time, being more productive, getting more energy,” He said with determined gaze, “I’m not nearly as productive as I’d like to be. But I definitely want to change that!”

In the future, Cline wants a big, gorgeous life based on his favorite book, The Great Gatsby. Fueled by his passion for the past, he is fixed on pursuing a career which will fill his heart and mind.

“I want to see success, happiness, and love for his future,” Sieminski said as Wheel of Fortune played in the background.

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