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Put a Spin on the Story, Act Like it's Brand New

Like the latest single by Latto and Cardi B, storytelling across platforms is changing the game for marketing your business.

When implementing a dope marketing strategy across all the platforms, your brand message get's amplified.

Guess what? That strategy can be as easy as 1,2,3: Prep, Create, Repeat.

Step 1: Prep- Identify the key platforms and messages that get your customers engaged for real

Step 2 Create- Have fun making unique content for each channel putting a new spin on the message

Step 3 Repeat: Stick to a regular posting schedule and keep doing this whole process

This process has mad benefits.

What's lit about cross-channel marketing, is the diversification of your online presence.

You'll straight up get more eyes on your brand and capture more of your target audience.

That means more heads in salon chairs, more "check-out complete"s, and more paid invoices.

Don't we love that?? Now, with a diverse audience comes diverse content.

Listen up, because this is important...

You CANNOT post a Tik Tok as an Instagram Reel and expect it to go viral.

Think of that baby witch that follows you on both apps. They don't wanna see your horoscope TikTok, then switch to IG and see the same vid with lower quality and an ugly flashing logo.

According to Forbes, crafting an individualized and authentic relationship with your audience leads to brand loyalty.

Uploading unique content for each platform gives them a personalized and immersive experience.

Just like a tarot card reader connects with someone across the table with a flip of a card, they wouldn't flip the same card for a customer an hour later and expect it to hit the same.

Keep that same energy on your marketing platforms.

Engaging your target audience should create a memorable and emotional connection.

By infusing your online presence with a little Black girl magic, you'll create an irresistible vibe around your brand that draws people in, leaving them craving more.

KailaMEDIA is your partner in creating epic narratives across platforms.

With content calendars for each platform, we got your back. We'll tell you what to post, when to post it, how it should look, and what to say.

Are you ready to manifest the success your Black beauty, tarot, or astrology biz deserves?

KailaMEDIA is here with a lil *sprinkle sprinkle* to help you embrace the power of storytelling across platforms.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, my strategies are custom designed to help you reach new audiences, boost engagement and drive sales.

Fill out a contact form to get started.

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