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Snowfall Review

Snowfall is the latest hit drama from FX. The show chronicles the “War on Drugs” from multiple perspectives. Bordering on melodramatic, each intense episode exposes the story of the crack cocaine epidemic in 1980s Los Angeles.

Though the seasons and episodes should be enjoyed chronologically. Each season has an underlying theme which emphasizes the growth of impact that drugs has on the individual and globe.

Season one is individualistic and provides the basic background that establishes the future success of the series. This season is the hardest to get through. The numerous storylines seem disjointed at first, but you get to know them for what the are independently.

This sets you up for the thrill of season two and the rest of the show.

Snowfall exposes the ripple effect the crack cocaine epidemic had on the world. Season two explores the rise to power the characters receive due to drugs, season three emphasizes the effects on the community and the theme of season four is unfolding for viewers.

It’s not a show just about drug dealers and gang banging. But also family, the struggles of addiction, government conspiracies, love and more. This is an in-depth crime drama that leaves no stone unturned.

Snowfall is fast paced and energetic. Switching from storyline to storyline multiple times in an episode. At times the show can be over-dramatic or cliché, but this can be overlooked when considering how truly spectacular the reality of the show’s plot is. These are extremely high-stakes situations that call for reactions that are a bit over the top.

Franklin (played by Damson Idris) is the center of show’s narrative. His story arch exemplifies the young Black men of the era who dealt drugs and arms in their neighborhoods during the rise of crack cocaine. Idris is intentional with his performance throughout the show. Showing range of emotion and character as he develops from a naive, self-sacrificial young man to the ruler of an empire feeling the pressure of making decisions that effect thousands.

Over the series, the intense lives of drug dealers, government agents, and cartel unfold. With that being said, it’s not super imperative that you pay attention to every single story line all the time. I only paid attention to Franklin’s during season one, but was interested enough to watch more of the show.

Set predominantly in sunny Los Angeles, Snowfall is consistently delivering stunning scenery. Construction coordinator Randy L. Childs rises to the occasion. The locations and settings bring you into the world of drug lords, gangsters and luxury. Watching the drama unfold at luxury mansions, bright beaches and exotic locations is a treat.

For a show with a number of storylines, it’s easy to find one that’s compelling to you at one time or another. There’s always something for the viewer to stay engaged with.

Once you latch onto a point of interest, you’ll be addicted.

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