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The Plight of Laundry

Sisters count your blessings:

  1. A washer

  2. A dryer

As I move through adulthood I'm trying to be conscious and ethological about my clothing. Martha Stewart's Handbook to Homemaking provides a framework for starting the laundry process. "Consider sorting articles by material, color and function."

Stewart's other considerations include washing groups of articles separately, at different temperatures, maybe some go in the dryer, others should be hung to dry.

The caveat: I live in New York City. East Harlem to be specific. Where my 725 sqft apartment does not house a the appliances or space needed to properly clean my clothes on a regular basis- or at all.

My options:

  1. Manually wash, dry and fold my 40 lbs of laundry at the 18th St. laundromat. Where there is not a seat for myself or the dozen other folks managing their weekly laundry

  2. Walk or catch a bus to visit a confidante on the Upper East side whose building has their own laundry facility. It'll take up to four hours catching up and hanging out, but at least I'll have a place to sit.

  3. Pay 2-3x the price for a third-party to do my laundry, and use the free time to do something more enjoyable. Let's explore that option.

My neighborhood laundromat offers "24-hour wash and fold." I can drop off my laundry and pick it up ready to be put away conveniently, right? Wrong.

While the kind wrinkled woman thoroughly explained the process of purchasing a location-specific laundry bag, the extra $2 for each separate load, paying exclusively in cash at $1.25/pound and took my number down to call me for pick up the next day, I didn't get my much needed clothes until two days and a trip to the ATM later.

According to, their company offers laundry pickup from your doorstep, or requested location, then delivers it back to you the next service day. "Whites, colors, and delicates are separately washed and returned to you fresh, clean and neatly folded and hung on hangers," according to the site. Offering free pick up and delivery for the sake of "life, love and the pursuit of happiness."

At a weekly price of $1.89/ pound or $1.99/ pound by request, Bolt Laundry provides a laundry alternative New Yorkers should strongly consider.

Fully aware of the financial, mental, and emotional cost of this necessary chore, what's really the best way to get it done?

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