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Keep your skin moisturized without drying up Earth’s resources (Pitch)

Subject: Keep your skin moisturized without drying up Earth’s resources

Hey {First Name},

According to the company’s vision statement, “The Vegan Oils is committed to providing clean non-toxic wellness and beauty products to the new age consumer.” Every day is Earth Day and The Vegan Oils intends to keep its promises to protect our planet.

The Vegan Oil’s products are organic, vegan, designed to minimize the carbon footprint and perfect for dry skin in the winter months. Try this 100% plant-based luxurious oil- perfect for your face and body, leaving your skin supple, glowing and rich.

Tell your audience:

  • How wonderful it feels to be kind to the planet while treating yourself

  • The winter hydration solution for Black people suffering through the cold months

  • About this sustainable, cruelty-free product from ingredient to packaging benefiting every individual

Let me know your thoughts in the coming weeks as we approach Black History Month,


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